PODCASTS Mental Strength is a key part of the test of golf, your primary competitor being yourself. It has been a challenge to know how to train for Mental Strength like you would for other skills…until now. THE RESEARCH LEARN MORE A Neuroscience-based approach to Golf’s Mental Game. FOR COACHES FOR PLAYERS GYRA GOLF PODCASTS


In what is possibly the first and largest longitudinal study of the role of the brain in golf performance, Dr. Justice and his team, inventors of patent pending Neuro-hacking tools, have amassed a massive database of over 1000 GYRA Scorecards, 18 000 holes of golf, over 90 000 shots … and counting. Learn more about the research

In golf, you compete against other golfers, the course, and ultimately, yourself. Your position on the leaderboard measures how you performed against others. Your score against Par measures how you performed against the course. The GYRA Scorecard, a Neuroscience-based approach to Golf’s Mental Game, measures how you performed against yourself. THIS. IS. A. GAME-CHANGER!



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I am proud to share the first golf mental scorecard that is based on the results of a 12-month longitudinal, neuroscience-based research study on the correlation of emotional state, brain activity, and quality of golf shots. Golfers from all levels were taught an easy-to-understand model, GYRA, and asked to keep their emotional and mental score per shot and per hole on the same traditional golf scorecard…