Become a GYRA Certified © Coach

The Certification Process

As a GYRA Certified Coach, you will become:

  1. Fully versed in the lastest Neuroscience of Performance
  2. Fully versed in teaching GYRA Neyrohacks to your golfers
  3. Fully versed in processing the GYRA NeuroDiets to impact your clients on and off the golf course
  4. Access dozens more GYRA Tools and Teaching Aids not published in the book.

The Certification Process

Certifications are done in cohorts of about 5 coaches. This small group size allows for more personalized learning both from Dr. Justice and from each other.

The GYRA Certification is a 7 contiguous-week process.

Week 1 & 2: Dr. Justice will send you materials each Monday to review at your own pace/convenience. There are no scheduled calls/sessions in Week 1 & 2. This is primer materials – baseline knowledge we want you all to have- a combination of book, videos, assessments, etc. Total time over 2 weeks is about 3-5 hours depending on your learning style.

Week 3: There will be two 2-hour live and interactive sessions … typically a Monday & Thursday schedule. Dr. Justice will review knowledge from1st 2 weeks to make sure baseline knowledge is set. Additional information will shared via videos and interactive activities. The expectations for the next 4 weeks will be covered.

Week 4-7: For 4 weeks, 1/hour per week, each of you will present a case study with a 5-minute limit. A case study is a specific real-life experience that occurred within the previous week where GYRA knowledge/skills were applied. We will use these unpredictable case studies to learn how to apply all the neuroscience in all kinds of real scenarios.

Upon successful completion, each coach will get a Certificate and a Logo you can attach to your credentials.

Successful completion comes with:

  1. GYRA Certified Certificate
  2.  GYRA Certified Logo
  3. GYRA Yardage Book Holder/Golf Hat
  4. Cost: Contact GYRA golf

A kind reminder that this is a Certification, not a course. So your passion to really want to learn and become an expert with the latest neuroscience-based performance methodology will be key. View this as an “add” to what you already know, not a substitute.


A Neuroscience-based approach to Golf's Mental Game

“The central premise of this book is that if a golfer can measure their emotional and mental state in golf, the two most constantly-changing variables when playing, and make the right adjustments to both, then performing to the best is achieved.”