There are 3 competitors in Golf


The GYRA Golf App will prepare you for your most formidable competitor…yourself.

We define Mental Strength as the ability to make the right adjustments at the right time.

Each one of you has had a round of golf where you were at your best, in a “zone.” If you think about the attributes of that round for you, it will likely be described by the following words:









At Ease


Every athlete in every sport uses the same words. It is NO SECRET what the attributes are of performing at your best. Note: These are ALL COGNITIVE attributes, not physical. Dr. Justice’s used EEG technology to connect wirelessly via bluetooth to a golfer’s head while practicing/playing to measure the exact brain waves (frequency, Hz) of these zone attributes. These are low frequency Alpha and Theta waves (5-15 Hz). This game-changing Brain Trackman is the neuroscience foundation of the GYRA App.

Who you are at the beginning of each round is not who you are throughout the round. Your age, height, weight, intelligence, etc… does not change but your brain is constantly changing assessing the consequences (positive or negative) of every shot.

The brain does not like surprises. By definition, a surprise is an outcome you did not expect. There is a scale to each surprise … some are small and others are huge but, in all surprises, your brain will do its innate job to understand that surprise. This natural process will come at a huge cost … it will take your brain away from your zone attributes. The bigger the surprises your brain has to process, the farther from your zone attributes your brain will be.

Mental Strength is therefore a game (test) of knowing the attributes of your best, know how far you are from your best after each shot, then making the right adjustments to get back to your best.

GYRA App Tutorial Video

Quick (2-5 mins) Tutorial for GYRA App

1 - Getting Started: The importance of answering all the questions and uploading pictures. Only need to do this once.

2 - How & Why to accurately input GYRA Scores.

3 - How to properly CONSUME the recommended Adjustments.

4 - Using the Brain Temperature reading to make Course Management Decisions.

5 - USING ANALYTICS to mentally evaluate your round.

6 - How to use GYRA as a Coach, Caddy or


Now available in your App Store. This is a ground-breaking app both in Golf and in Mental Strength Training.

The GYRA Golf App has:

  1. A simple cognitive language (Green, Yellow, Red) for you to use to assess the state of your brain
  2. A set of neuroscience-based customized tools and leveraging specifically what your unique brain will need to get back to your zone (Green) state. These are memories already in your brain.
  3. Post-round Analytics to assess your overall round mentally and specific shots/holes where right adjustments were not made.

It is worth noting that almost all the language/tools in GYRA Golf can also be used for life itself for your mental health/wellness … as you use the same brain to perform in your other roles of life.