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Dr. Izzy Justice is a Sports Neuroscientist who has authored 8 books over the course of 30 years on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. He was the first to integrate EQ into sports and athletic performance. He has trained and certified over 300 coaches in EQ in a wide array of sports disciplines worldwide. He has worked with athletes, coaches, and teams in NASCAR, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Lacrosse, Basketball, Triathlon, NFL, MLB, Olympians, and many collegiate level programs.

Dr. Justice’s primary work is working in Corporate America with leaders of companies integrating EQ into the workplace. Dr. Justice has worked at Deloitte, Accenture, Cerner and Premier. He has completed over 40 triathlons including 8 Half Ironmans (PR: 5:22 Hours) and is a 5-Time Full Ironman Finisher (Arizona, Chattanooga,  Roth, Mont-Tremblant, Santa Rosa, PR: 11:46 Hours).

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A Neuroscience-based approach to Golf's Mental Game

“The central premise of this book is that if a golfer can measure their emotional and mental state in golf, the two most constantly-changing variables when playing, and make the right adjustments to both, then performing to the best is achieved.”


As a coach, Dr. Justice works only in 6-month or 1-year programs. As a client, you must be ready to explore ways to be a markedly better version of yourself, a pre-requisite to performing better in competition.

A battery of assessments to have a measurable baseline of where you are is conducted. In person sessions will include brain-scans of scenarios common to your sport. The real tests results are performance on the course/field. These are evaluated to make sure that the right causes are always addressed. The goal is to make each coach or athlete their own neuropsychologist during competition.


Dr. Justice uses a substantive and dynamic approach to addressing large audiences. He shares extensive data, brain images, videos, and interactive exercises to keep audiences constantly engaged in a true learning mode. The brain is a tool used both on and off the golf course, and as such, benefits to his content apply to both. His sessions are highly interactive, dialogue-oriented, and each person leaves with very easy and pragmatic ideas to understanding and improving their performance and life.


Short-Game Coaching

Golf is one of the few sports where shots are executed without the eyes on the target. This makes the role of the brain more important, as a key sense (visual target) is not present when a shot is struck. A basketball player, for example, never takes his eyes off the basket when shooting. Slight misses of target off the Tee or shots to the green are not consequential the way that even a 1/4 inch miss is on a putt. Accuracy is therefore a premium in shortgame, particularly putting. Speed and Accuracy are commands initiated in the brain and carried to the muscles via the nervous system. There is a collaboration required between senses and the brain that is optimal in Alpha and Theta Brain waves. Practicing a quality stroke, putting drills or time on the green are skills that are stored in the brain, that then have to be carried to the muscles in competition. If the carrier of those skills, brain waves, are higher than Alpha and Theta (5-13 Hz), an incorrect and unintended speed is applied to the putt resulting in too firm or too soft a putt for the chosen line. Dr. Justice teaches you how to recognize what type of brain waves you have, how to modify them in real-time in competition, how to train for them, and how to apply the right force on the ball. An EEG headset is used and via bluetooth, your brain waves are recorded so you know exactly what type of emotions/thoughts correlate to higher and lower brain waves so you can use GYRA tools appropriately to always be in Alpha/Theta mode when over a putt/chip/pitch shot. Speed and Accuracy has improved in many cases as high as 90% by simply using this neuroscience approach.

Putting Brain Waves

  • Accuracy is premium. Speed is the key for a chosen line. Speed is a brain wave carried from the brain, through nerves to muscles.
  • Alpha & Theta Waves are required for calibration of speed (force to apply on putt). If brain waves are higher (Hz) than Alpha/Theta, then signal is compromised, leading to the wrong application of force (speed).
  • GYRA Neuroscience tools can be used around the green, putting routine, over the putt to ensure speed matches chosen line

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